How To Add a Header Or Footer To a Module


How To Add a Header or Footer To a Module

Scenario:  Sometimes it is necessary to add a header or a footer to a module.  Adding a Text/HTML module above or below the module is not always a good solution because each module has its own container box.  This results in undesired output like the following:

Header Footer Example 1

As you can see, there are three separate boxes:  one for the header, one for the calendar and one for the footer.  Instead of this approach, a header and footer can be added directly to any module using the steps below.

Steps to Add a Header or Footer to a Module:

1.  Log into your website with your administrative credentials.

2.  Go to the page where your module is displayed.

3.  While in Edit mode, hover over the Manage button for your module.  A pop-out menu should appear.  Select Settings from the menu.

Module Settings

4.  Select the Module Settings tab.

Module Settings Tab

5.  Expand the Advanced Settings panel.

Advanced Module Settings

6.  Enter any desired text or HTML into the header or footer boxes.

Module Header Footer Settings

7.  Scroll down and click Update to save your changes.

The header or footer you entered will be added inside the module container.  Here is our modified calendar example:

Header Footer Example 2

Note:  You can insert HTML into the Header and Footer.  If you don't know HTML you can create your content in a Text/HTML module and then copy-paste it into any module's Header or Footer.

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