How To Remove a Module Container


How To Remove a Module Container

Q:  What is a Module Container?
A:  Containers are boxes that are automatically displayed around modules on your page.  Here is an example of a red container box:
Module Container Sample
Q:  Why would I want to remove the container?
A:  Some modules look better without an extra box around them.  For example, the Language Translation module and the Social Bookmarks module are meant to be used without a container.

Q:  Can I remove the container from all modules on my site?
A:  Your best option is to change the container using the Skin Designer (Control Panel > Admin > Skin Designer > Container Design tab).  There are several container designs that do not have a border or title.  This has the same effect as removing the container from all modules on all pages.

Steps to Remove a Module's Container:

1.  Log into your website with your administrative credentials.

2.  While in Edit mode, hover over the Manage button for your module.  A pop-out menu should appear.  Select Settings from the menu.

Module Settings

3.  Select the Page Settings tab.

Page Settings Tab

4.  Expand the Basic Settings panel (if necessary).

Module Page Settings Basic Panel

5.  Uncheck the box for "Display Container?"

Module Page Settings Display Container

6.  Scroll down and click the Update button to save your changes.

Note:  The container is still displayed in Edit and Layout modes.  This is because the container holds the editing tools.  You need to switch to Preview mode to see your changes (Control Panel > Mode: Preview)

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