How To Remove a Module From All Pages


How To Remove a Module From All Pages

This tutorial covers how to remove a module that was copied to all pages.  This only applies to "linked copies" of a module and is normally associated with the Display Modules On All Pages setting.


1.  Log into your website with your administrative credentials.

2.  Go to any page that displays the unwanted module.

3.  While in Edit mode, hover over the Manage button for your module.  A pop-out menu should appear.  Select Settings from the menu.

Module Settings

4.  Select the Module Settings tab.

Module Settings Tab

5.  Expand the Advanced Settings panel.  Note:  You can also expand the Added to Pages panel to see a list of the pages where this module is currently displayed.  These are the references that will be deleted.

Module Settings Advanced Panel

6.  Uncheck the box for "Display Module On All Pages." 

Disable Display On All Pages

7.  Scroll down and click Update to save your settings.

8.  The module has been deleted from all pages except the page you are viewing.  If you want to delete it from the current page, hover over the Manage button and click on Delete.

Note:  The module copies are not permanently deleted.  They are moved to the Recycle Bin (see Control Panel > Admin > Recycle Bin).  You must empty these copies from the Recycle Bin before attempting to "Display Module On All Pages" again.

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