How To Copy a Module To All Pages


How To Copy a Module To All Pages

Sometimes it is desirable to display one module on every page of your website.  For example, you may wish to display the Language Translation module in the header on each page.  This can be accomplished without manually creating or copying the module on multiple pages.


1.  Log into your website with your administrative credentials.

2.  Create and configure the module that should be copied.  Make sure that the module is set up exactly how you want it to appear on all pages.

3.  While in Edit mode, hover over the Manage button for your module.  A pop-out menu should appear.  Select Settings from the menu.

Module Settings

4.  Select the Module Settings tab.

Module Settings Tab

5.  Expand the Advanced Settings panel.

Module Settings Advanced Panel

6.  Check the box for "Display Module on All Pages."  We also recommend checking "Hide Admin Border" because the module will be added to all administrative pages.

Display Module On All Pages

7.  Scroll down and click the Update button to save your changes.  The module will be copied to all pages on your website.

Note:  This process creates "linked copies." This means that changing the content of one instance will change all copies.  For example, changes to text in a Text/HTML module would be applied to all linked copies.  However, each copy has separate page display settingsFor example, changes to the module's container or location will not be applied to all copies; such settings are only applied to the page where you made these changes.  Some display related settings can only be applied by removing the module from other pages and re-copying.

Read How To Remove a Module From All Pages for more details.

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