Where Can I Find Photos For My Website?


Photos and images are an important part of a website's aesthetic appeal.  While SiteWizard CMS provides some graphical elements (via the Skin Designer and Content Rotator), your organization should utilize graphics that are specific to your unique needs.

Paid Royalty-Free Photos and Images

SiteWizard recommends purchasing images from a company that provides stock photography.  This is for three reasons:
  1. The stock photography that is commercially available is generally much higher quality than free images.
  2. The selection of photos and images is much larger at paid photography websites.  Their search engine also tends to be better.
  3. You can be sure that the license allows commercial use when you purchase a royalty-free license.  This mitigates your risk of copyright infringement.
Up to 10 Free Images from iStockPhotoThe following websites offer commercial royalty-free stock photography:

Free Photos and Images

You can download free photos, images and/or illustrations from many websites.  Please note these caveats before downloading images:
  • Be careful to check the license of all images that you download.  Make sure the images are "royalty-free" or "public domain" or a "creative commons" that allows commercial use.  Unauthorized use of copyrighted material may lead to legal action by the copyright holder and/or deactivation of your SiteWizard website (see Terms of Use).
  • Most "creative commons" licenses require "attribution" meaning that you must give credit to the author / copyright holder.  Royalty free photos do not have this restriction.
  • If you use creative commons images, you should read about best practices for attribution.
  • Most of these websites require free registration before allowing image downloads.
  • Many of these websites are sponsored by commercial stock photo companies.  When you search for an image, your search results may contain commercial image results (i.e. some photos in the search results may not be free).  Clicking sponsored images will redirect you to the sponsor's website.
  • SiteWizard LLC is not affiliated with any of the websites listed on this page.  SiteWizard makes no warranties that any images, files or other content obtained from these websites are free or licensed for commercial use.  Use at your own risk.

The following websites offer free image downloads for commercial use:

The following websites offer free Creative Commons licensed images.  Be careful to search based on the usage rights that apply to your situation:

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