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SiteWizard CMS provides a powerful video gallery system, complete with administration tools.  There are three ways to upload videos in SiteWizard CMS: This tutorial explores all three upload options and their pros-and-cons.

Video Upload via Video Manager

When you log into your website with your administrative account, mouse-over the Admin menu and click Video Manager.  You'll see a section labeled Add Video.  This section shows Step 1 of the Add Video Wizard:

You can choose a Video Series if needed, but the default is "This video doesn't belong to a video series."  Click Continue.  You'll be taken to Step 2:

Step 2 allows you to choose the source of your video.  The most common option is "Upload a video from my local computer."  Click the Browse button and select a video file from your computer.  Then click Continue.  You'll be taken to Step 3:

On Step 3, you can enter a Title and Description for your video.  You may also want to choose a Category and enter some Tags to organize your video.  When you're done, click Save & Watch or Save & Add Another.

  • Video Manager works on all computers (Windows, Mac, Linux).
  • Does not require any software installation.
  • Allows you to embed videos from other websites (YouTube, etc).
  • Slowest upload/conversion method.
  • Slows down your website during conversion.
  • It can time-out (i.e. fail) when uploading large files.

Video Upload via UVG Converter

SiteWizard provides a video upload/conversion program for Windows (XP, Vista, 7).  UVG Converter is a Windows program that converts the video on your local computer, then it uploads to the server.  This is the recommended upload method for Windows users.

UVG Converter Installation and Setup

Download and install UVG Converter (click this link to download).  After installation, you'll need to setup the program for the first time.  From the Windows Start Menu, choose UVG Converter 4.  The program will run, but it will be "hidden" in your Task Bar in the bottom-right of your screen.  If you have Vista or Windows 7, you may need to click the arrow to show hidden icons:

Once you find UVG Converter in your Task Bar, you need to right-click it.  When you right-click it, you'll see a menu like the following:

Mouse-over Websites and click Add New Website.  You'll get a dialog box like the following:

Enter your website address in Site url and select your website's name from the Portal drop-down.  Enter your administrative Username and Password, then click Save.  The setup is done.

Adding a Video with UVG Converter

Now that UVG Converter is installed and configured, uploading videos is easy.  Right-click on UVG Converter in the Task Bar again.  This time, choose Add Video:

The Add Video dialog will appear:

Select a Video from your computer.  Enter a Title and Description.  Optionally enter a Series or select a Category.  Click on Upload.  UVG Converter will start the conversion process, which can take a while to run, depending on the size of your video.  When it's done converting, it will automatically upload the video to your website.

  • UVG Converter is fast and simple to use (once it's installed and configured).
  • Handles large file uploads/conversions without risk of timeout failure.
  • Only available on Windows (no support for Mac or Linux).
  • Requires software installation and setup.

Video Upload via FTP

If you're not familiar with FTP, please read Getting Started - FTP.

FTP is a good choice for two scenarios:
  • You can't use UVG Converter because you have a Mac or Linux machine; or...
  • You want to allow someone to upload videos without giving them access to your website.
After you have setup your FTP Client, connect to your FTP Server.  Copy your video(s) to the folder /UltraVideoGallery/username/ (replace "username" with your administrative username).  When you're done uploading, you can close your FTP Client program.

Open a web browser and log into your website with your administrative username.  Go to the Admin menu and select Video Manager.  In the My Videos section, you'll notice a box labeled FTP Upload.  You can click the [+] button next to any file to add it to your video library.

You'll get a prompt warning that it may take a while to convert the video.  Click OK and wait for the conversion to run.  When it's done, you'll see your file added to My Videos:

If desired, you can click Edit to change the video's settings.  You can change the Title, Description, Category, Tags and/or Series.  Click Update when you're done.

  • FTP works on all computers (Windows, Mac, Linux).
  • Allows users to upload videos without giving them administrative access to your website.
  • More reliable upload than the Add Video option in Video Manager.
  • More complicated setup.  Requires FTP access, FTP client software and still requires action in the Video Manager.
  • Can be confusing for non-technical users.

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