Getting Started - How Do I Transition My Old Site to SiteWizard CMS?

Getting Started
How Do I Transition My Old Site to SiteWizard CMS?

Depending on your current website provider, transferring your old website to SiteWizard CMS is typically easy.  This article summarizes the transition process.

Note:  Signing up for SiteWizard CMS does not automatically shut off your old website.  In fact, we provide a temporary address for your new website so you can transfer your content and pages without affecting your current site.  You can keep your old site online as long as you like, and switch to your new SiteWizard CMS website whenever you're ready.

Step 1:  Sign Up for SiteWizard CMS

First, purchase a SiteWizard CMS subscription from  During the checkout process, you Register for a new account (if you don't already have one) and complete your purchase online. 

Step 2:  Complete the Setup Wizard

After your purchase, you'll be taken to your My Account page.  You'll see an option to set up your new website.  Follow the steps of the Setup Wizard to build your site.  Take your time to make sure you fill in all information.  Your site will look better and be more complete if you answer all of the questions.

When you're done, the Setup Wizard will build your new site.  You will get a confirmation message with further instructions.  You may want to print these instructions.  This information is also available under My Account.

Note:  You can exit the setup wizard at any time, then come back and resume the process later.  Just click Save & Exit or Cancel on any step.

Step 3:  Transfer Your Content

Log into your new website with the administrator username/password you created during the Setup Wizard.  You can add a new Page by clicking the Add drop-down on the Control Panel.  The Page Wizard [Page > Add > Add Page (Wizard)] can create many different types of pages.  Or if you want to add content to an existing Page, you can add a new Module (for example, a Text/HTML box) by clicking New [Module > New].

The most useful feature is the Text/HTML Module.  This allows you to create virtually any kind of content for your pages.  Add text, images, JavaScript, Flash or other types of content using this Module. 

When you've created a new Text Page, or added a Text/HTML Module to an existing Page, you'll see the following link:    Click the link to bring up the Editor. 

The Editor has numerous copy-and-paste options.  It's recommended that you open your old website in a second browser window.  Then you can copy content from your old site and paste it into the Editor.  Note that there are several Paste options.  If you don't get the results you want, try using a different Paste option.

You can use this copy-and-paste method to transfer almost any kind of content.  Note that some types of content (like multimedia galleries) should be built using a more appropriate Module type instead of the Text/HTML Module.

Step 4:  Setup Your Email Accounts

Before turning off your old website and email provider, you should setup your staff members' email accounts on the new server.  Follow the instructions in this article:  Getting Started - Email Administration

Step 5:  Point Your Domain to SiteWizard

Once you've copied your old content to your new SiteWizard CMS website, and you've setup your email accounts, you can point your domain name to SiteWizard's servers.  Follow the instructions in this article:  Getting Started - DNS / Domain Name Setup

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