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Setting Up Your Mac Mail Email Client Software:

1. If the account settings do not come up automatically, from the Mail menu, select Preferences.

2. From the "Accounts" dialog box select the account information tab. Fill out your name, and your email address (This is the email address that was assigned by your system administrator).

3. Fill out Incoming Mail Server, type: (replace "" with your domain).

4. Check Mail Server Type as either POP or IMAP.  If you are unsure which to use, select POP.

5. Fill out your account name.  Your full email address is your username (e.g. "", not "yourname").

6. Fill out your password.

7. Fill out the Outgoing (SMTP) Mail Server:, type: (replace "" with your domain)

8. Select the e-mail account to be SMTP-authenticated and then click the Edit button.

9. Select the "Account Information" tab.
Under "Outgoing Mail Server:" click the Options button.

10. In the SMTP Server Options dialog box:
For "Method of Authentication" choose Password
In the "User Name" text box, enter your full email address.
In the "Password" text box, enter the password.
Click the OK button to close the "SMTP Server Options" dialog box.

11. Click the OK button to close the "Accounts" dialog box and then click close.

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